Read Business Administration Schools for Your Guide

business administration include: general manager and company secretary. The general manager or company secretary would report to the corporate board of directors ultimately and their direct supervisor would be the executive level of management. Education in business administration coupled with job experience can prepare you to obtain positions in executive management, as well as be one of the corporate board of directors. In these roles, you can make anywhere from $100,000 CDN plus. The starting salary of a general manager of a company or secretary is usually about $50,000 CDN. Sometimes, business administration work is viewed as the people who look after the bureaucratic or operational functions within a business. This can include repetitive office tasks that are suited for some people. It is consistent and steady work for those looking for a firm and secure foundation for the future. Continue reading

Great Company Registration: Procedure and Regulations

registered as private limited liability companies. This is because it is a tax efficient corporate body and none of the shareholders are liable to the company’s debts beyond the share capital they hold. A few things that must be taken care of before approaching the government for registration are as follows: The government must approve the name of the company. The company must have a Singapore address, not a PO box. The company can have any number of directors (all legally major), but at least one must be a citizen of Singapore. The company must appoint a Company Secretary who is a Singapore resident. The company does not need an Authorized capital. However, a share capital of minimum $1 must be accounted. Foreign nationals do not require any special Singapore visa if they merely wish to incorporate the company there. However, if one plans to relocate, he/she will require an Employment pass or an Entrepreneur pass. Continue reading

Various Selecting Appropriate Business Structure for You

government approval to set-up a new business in Singapore. Singapore allows about 100% foreign ownership, which makes it the best and preferred location for foreign entrepreneurs, to do business. For incorporating a bank or a financial institution, getting an approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore is a must. Let us check out the different options for business structures entrepreneurs have, for incorporating a company in Singapore. Representative Office: A foreign company willing to have its presence in Singapore, but does not intend to carry out any business activities herein, should incorporate their company as a representative office. Singapore corporate environment considers a representative office as an administrative arrangement, Continue reading